There's Savings Hiding in your Azure Tenant

Get an Azure Health Check from MetrixData 360 to see where you can optimize your monthly cloud spend.

What Will An Azure Health Check Show Me?
See Savings Areas Hiding Inside your
Azure Estate
We know it's tough to keep track of your monthly Azure spend, especially when you're managing it across the entire organization.

Luckily, we can take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Our Azure Health Check service takes in your Azure Tenant & Active Directory data to generate detailed visual reports identifying the best savings opportunities you should focus on for the best ROI. 

Azure savings found in financial services company that signed up for MetrixData 360's
Azure Health Check Service

Work with Our Experts to See a Detailed Azure Cost Breakdown
With every Azure Health Check, our licensing experts  will work with you to review your Azure invoices,  usage data, and any unused benefits, to help you understand how you can best capitalize on your Azure savings opportunities.  
An Azure Health Check Covers All Your Savings Categories
We analyze each segment of your Azure cost allocation to find savings opportunities in:
  • Zombie Resources
  • Idle or Oversized Azure Services
  • Applying Azure Hybrid Benefits
  • ​Development or Testing workloads that can be moved
  • ​Premium Disk Usage
  • ​SQL Server Resizing
  • ​Disk Resizing
  • ​Reserved Instances in EA and CSP

How Much Does It Cost?

A Low-Cost, Low-Risk Azure
Savings Solution
The Azure Health Check is a low-cost low-risk diagnostic service that allows you to save time and identify how well your managing your Azure subscription spend. You can purchase the Azure Health Check as a one-time fee or yearly subscription.

The yearly subscription gives continual access to the SLIM 360 Azure Reporting platform while the one-time service option is charged per engagement.
  • Save yourself from the nightmare of breaking down and stitching gigabytes of invoice data from your Azure portal
  • Stay confident by knowing your getting the most out of your Azure Hybrid Benefits and cloud architecture.
  • ​See which services are costing you the most and which can be changed to lower your cloud bill

Use SLIM 360 Year Round to  to Continually Optimize your Azure Finances

If you'd like to sign onto a yearly on-going Health Check agreement, you will gain access to the whole SLIM 360 licensing platform where you can monitor:
  • AI Recommendations: A yearly subscription to SLIM 360 lets users access AI recommendations that show unique savings opportunities inside their Azure resources. Whether it's from simply deactivating zombie resources or enabling hybrid benefits, every month you'll have new tactics to keep your Azure spend in check.
  • Monthly Forecasting & Cost Comparisons: SLIM 360's Azure reporting tools allow admins to unite themselves from their desk by receiving detailed Azure spend forecasts based on real-time data.
  • Detailed Exportable Billing Summaries: Monitoring your compute power and pricing has been a time old tale since the beginning of cloud technologies. When you use SLIM 360, our algorithms accurately cut through the Microsoft Azure Portal reports to show you accurate metering of your Azure services across time.

Azure Saving Opportunities Are Out There

Let's uncover yours today!

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