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With a few minutes’ effort to download reports out of our tenant, we received useful data that helped us find waste and reduced our costs by over $2M annually. We couldn’t have done this by ourselves.

- VP of Infrastructure, Fortune 500 Company

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What Will An Office 365 Health Check Show Me?
See if your organization is truly using all of it's Office 365 subscriptions
When you purchase an Office 365 Health Check, we analyze your O365 and Active Directory data to generate a detailed PDF report on consumption and usage levels across your SKU's to reveal savings opportunities in your Office 365 subscriptions. 
Work with Our Experts to See the Areas Where You're Losing Money
With a SLIM 360 Health Check, our licensing experts will parse through your O365 usage and adoption data and help you identify areas where you are losing money.  
See Which Users and Devices Qualify for  Exemptions
With the O365 Health Check, we leverage our internal SAM tool's AI recommendations to highlight overlooked savings strategies such as Qualified User & Device Exemptions, User Profiling, and License Reclamation to help you hit your savings goals. With access to our SAM Tools, you never have to waste time by researching Microsoft's complex subscription and licensing definitions. 

How Much Does It Cost?

A Low-Cost, Low-Risk Office 365 Savings Solution
The Office 365 Health Check is a low-cost low-risk diagnostic service that allows you to save time and identify how well your managing your Office 365 subscription spend. You can purchase the O365 Health Check as a one-time fee or yearly subscription.
  • Save yourself from stitching gigabytes of data from Microsoft's Admin Portal 
  • Stay confident knowing and understanding your data better than Microsoft does
  • ​See which SKU's can be changed to lower your bill

Tap Into Your Own Data to See How Efficiently Your Office 365 Subscriptions Are Being Used

If you'd like to sign onto a yearly on-going Health Check agreement, you will gain access to the whole SLIM 360 licensing platform where you can monitor:
  • Microsoft Compliance: Avoid compliance gaps in your M365 environment with SLIM 360's  licensing governance alerts.
  • Identity Management: SLIM 360's Security Suite allows users to sleep easily knowing their organization, it's key leaders, and their devices have been secured no matter their location. They can also enhance their security posture and ensure only approved third-party apps are being used with SLIM 360's identity management insights.
  • C-Level Reporting Dashboards: Predict your software budgeting effortlessly with SLIM 360s C-Level Dashboards feature. Yearly Health Check Subscribers will enjoy a multitude of high-level Office 365 reports so you can keep your whole team in the loop.

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